(ak’wa iK’splorer/ noun)
1. A person who explores unfamiliar waters; an adventurer, knowledge seeker and waterman or waterwoman.


The Aqua Explorers is a weekly Specialty Camp offered at JCamp in partnership with the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy. With safety being the priority, our mission is to provide your children with a super fun and enriching swim camp experience. The Aqua Explorers will traverse the world of water while learning important life-long skills along the way. We will explore a wide range of aquatic activities such as daily swim lessons, water games, water sports and water safety education. Our goal is to stimulate children's love and respect for water while having a blast!


Aqua Explorers is hands down the most unique "swim camp" in Los Angeles. Unlike most programs, Aqua Explorers get to experience the other side of life-in-water. Through group lessons, fun activities, discussions, water sports and games, children obtain life-long lessons in everything aquatic you don't learn in traditional swim lessons or swim camps (see crazy long activity list below.) Swimming is a gift for life!


Grades K-8th are welcome to enroll in Aqua Explorers as long as the participant is comfortable in the water and able to learn in a group setting. Each week of Aqua Explorers is specifically designed for different ages and swimming abilities. Please let us know if you have any questions. (Please see age/ ability chart below.)


Did we mention that all Aqua Explorer Instructors are Certified American Red Cross Lifeguards? Safety is our most important goal everyday. We maintain an in-the-water instructor to student ratio of at least 1:4 with the addition of staff and out-of-water Lifeguards as needed. All Aqua Explorer Staff are trained and certified by the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy in partnership with Focus Health, a National Provider of American Red Cross training courses. Lenny Krayzelburg Lifeguards participate in in-service emergency trainings throughout the year.


  • Safety: Aqua Explorers understand that water safety is paramount.
  • Support: Aqua Explorers always support each other through teamwork, hard work and communication.
  • Strength: Aqua Explorers live in the water, and thus must train to do so.


Swimming lessons, water safety education, water games, exercise, marine science, water balloons, fun, paddling, backfloats, snorkeling, diving, pool surfing, water sports, confidence boosting, treading, stroke development, water polo, basic first aid training, teamwork, water volleyball, inflatables, custom tie dye shirts, underwater photos, Jr. Lifeguard training, Stand Up Paddling, bumper boats etc.


Grades K-2 (Week 1, Week 4, Week 7)

Swimming is a lifelong skill that offers countless benefits. The Aqua Explorer Mission is to stimulate children’s love for water… while having a ton of fun! The Beginner level is designed to empower children to be watersafe and practice the fundamentals of life in water. Swimmers in this level will take daily swim lessons, play fun skill-appropriate water games and learn the basics of what it means to be a confident Aqua Explorer. Prerequisites: For LKSA “Floaters” to” Rollers (level 2/ Orange Caps to level 4/Blue caps) and above. Swimmers in this level must be comfortable in the water and have a basic ability to listen in a group setting. *

Grades K-2 (Week 5, Week 6, Week 9)

The Intermediate Aqua Explorer level is designed for those wanting more advanced lessons and water activities. Children in this level will take daily swim lessons geared more towards stroke development, play fun skill-appropriate water games and practice intermediate level water safety skills. Intermediate Aqua Explorers will learn the basics of what it means to be a confident Aqua Explorer. Prerequisites: For LKSA “Rollers” (level 4/ Blue Caps) and above. Swimmers in this level must be close to being water-safe/ independent swimmers.*

Grades 3-8 (Week 3, Week 8)

Does your child love the water!? The Advanced level will hone their skills and practice more advanced stroke development and water skills. The goal in this level (besides fun) is to truly explore what it means to be a Waterman or Waterwoman. These Aqua Explorers will practice our fundamental Pillars of Safety, Support and Strength in water. Daily activities include more advanced water games, sports and activities.
Prerequisites: For LKSA “Freestylers” (level 6/ Bronze Caps) and above. Swimmers in this level must be water-safe and able to swim independent of adults.*

Grades 6-8 (Week 2)

Jr. Guard Prep is designed for those looking to explore the life of an advanced Aqua Explorer. This level will work hard and play even harder. As our most advanced level of the program, these swimmers will train to perform more advanced water skills, techniques and water activities. Jr. Guard Prep is perfect for those interested in (or want to practice for) a full Jr. Lifeguard program, or for those wishing to try additional water activities such as surfing, paddling, diving, stand-up-paddling, snorkeling and more. Prerequisites: For LKSA “Freestylers” (level 6/ Bronze Caps) and above. Swimmers in this level must be able to swim 50 yards (2 lengths of our 25 yard lap pool) using any stroke, without assistance.*

* Note: all LKSA instructors are American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.


JCamp begins June 11th - August 10th

Total Time: 9am - 3pm

Specialty Programs run 9:15am - 12:15pm

Note: Early and After Care available


"Water is Life. Let’s learn how to live in it."


$450 per week - Non WJCC member

$425 per week - WJCC Member

Early Care 7:30am - 9:00am: $75/week or $15/day

After Care 3:00pm - 6:00pm: $90/week or $20/day

Both - $140 /week

4th of July Camp:

$50 reduced rate for holiday closure

Discount Specials:

Register by May 15th $15 off per week!


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